We’ve all known people who dedicate their lives to bettering the lives of those around them. It takes a special type of person to give so selflessly. William Booth, the founder of The Salvation Army, was this kind of person. He dedicated his life to helping the so-called outcasts of society — the homeless, the hungry, the poor and those who’d lost all hope in life.

More than a century later, the Army still has our share of special, caring people who support William Booth’s vision. They are people who give, give, and give some more, both financially and otherwise. These social and spiritual visionaries who have given a donation of $5,000 or more throughout the calendar year form the William Booth Society. With their combined resources, they empower The Salvation Army to provide life-changing programs and services to people right here in our cities. Could this be your calling too?

For more information on the William Booth Society please contact Mary Beth Campbell at 202-756-3919 or mary.campbell@uss.salvationarmy.org