As of February 28th, The Salvation Army National Capital Area Command officially closed emergency support of the U.S. Capitol Police and U.S National Guard during the recent presidential inauguration and security of the United States Capitol complex in downtown Washington, D.C. Here is a brief snapshot of the service The Salvation Army provided:

  • 6,924 individuals were served 9,331 snacks, and 4, 807 drinks.
  • 700 individuals received emotional and spiritual care and meaningful conversations and prayer.
  • 1 individual accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

Several emergency disaster canteens were deployed in support the mission, including the Salvation Army’s FedEx Canteen (pictured.)

Chrystal Carlson, a wife of a Soldier from Michigan, contacted us and said, “I am looking for information as to who is in charge of the DC disaster relief. They have been bringing food and drinks to the National Guard deployed to the Capitol. My husband is one of those Soldiers and I can tell you they, are ALL grateful! I would just like to pass along a HUGE thank you to them all.”

The Salvation Army received thank you from General Daniel R. Hokanson, United States Army. General Hokason wrote:

“Our Soldiers and Airmen greatly appreciated the generous hospitality you provided during their support of the 46th Presidential Inauguration. The food, drink, and fellowship you and your staff offered our Soldiers and Airmen was appreciated beyond words. Thank you for honoring and supporting our Troops.  Acts of kindness and hospitality like yours made a huge difference and help ensure our National Guard is always ready and always there.

National Capital Area Commander, Major Mark A. Woodcock, said, “I am thankful that we had this opportunity for service. Hopefully, this will only open up new doors for an opportunity in the future.”

Major Woodcock thanked team members who helped in the ministry happen, “First and foremost, it was important that we serve our first responders, but it truly also helped our visibility of The Salvation Army.”