This month when you visit four Silver Spring area Safeway stores, you’ll see signs about the Nourishing Neighbors fundraiser and get the chance to donate at checkout. Here’s a not-so-well-kept secret: The Salvation Army gets those donations!

We’re excited that Safeway stores in Silver Spring is supporting us during this campaign. Every dollar donated at checkout will go directly to our organization. We’ll use the funds to restock The  Salvation Army’s local Food Pantries to help families make ends meet so children start the day with a good breakfast!

Nourishing Neighbors is a charitable program of Safeway with the aim of fighting hunger in the communities they serve. The September giving campaign is focused on raising funds to ensure that every child in our neighborhood has access to a healthy breakfast.

Please stop by one of the four Safeway locations below and make a donation to the Nourishing Neighbors campaign from now through Sept. 30. Our kids will thank you.

Visit these stores before September 30th:
Safeway at 10101 N. Hampshire Ave., Silver Spring, MD
Safeway at 909 Thayer Ave., Silver Spring, MD
Safeway at 15411 New Hampshire Ave., Silver Spring, MD
Safeway at 116 University Blvd., Silver Spring, MD