Angel Tree Volunteers

  • Angel Tree Volunteers

    Sorting and distributing toys for over 14,000 children takes a lot of help! Across the National Capital The Salvation Army manages warehouse locations were we prepare and distribute Angel Tree toys to enrolled families. Below is a comprehensive list of opportunities in your area and the point of contact. Let them know which days and times you are available to volunteer and the best way to contact you.


    District of Columbia

    Warehouse Prep: December 2-6, 9am to 4pm
    Angel Tree Community Day: December 7, 10am to 2pm
    Sorting: December 9-14, 9am to 4pm
    Distribution: December 17-20

    Please see our Volunteer in Washington, DC page for more details.


    Montgomery County, MD

    Registration: October 1,3,7,9,11,14,17, 10am to 5pm
    Sorting: December 2-17 Weekdays
    Distribution: December 18

    Captain Natalie Sayre
    (301) 515-5354


    Prince George’s, MD

    Sorting: December 2-13, Weekdays 9am to 4pm
    Distribution: December 18, 9am to 4pm

    Lt. Ashlee Wildish
    (301) 277-6103


    Arlington, VA

    Sorting: December 6-17, Weekdays 9am to 6pm
    Distribution: December 18, 9am to 6pm

    Nicole Frias
    (703) 979-3380


    Fairfax, VA

    Registration: October 7-11, 21-25 9am to 4pm & October 21 5pm to 7:30pm
    Set-Up: December 2-3 9am to 4pm
    Sorting: December 9-14 9am to 4pm
    Distribution: December 17-19 9am to 4pm

    Mavelyn Alonzo
    (703) 385-8700 extension 23

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