• Housing

    Housing and Support for Homeless Families

    Every day families in the National Capital Area are facing disaster. It’s not a hurricane that threatens their wellbeing, but a lost job, medical bills, and the high cost of living in our community.  Sometimes these challenges overwhelm a family and they become homeless. Young women with children are especially at risk as they face the challenges of juggling employment, child care, and living expenses. Often they lack the education, support, and mentoring they need to overcome the adversities they face. When they become homeless, these families need more than a roof over their head; they need a support system to build upon.

    That is why The Salvation Army National Capital Area Command offers two transitional housing solutions for young mothers with children to help them break free from chronic homelessness and unemployment. The Turning Point Center for Women and Children and Cornerstone Transitional Housing are providing these women stability through shelter, self-sufficiency through life skills training and, most of all; personal transformation by helping them to overcome the challenges in their lives and turn their lives right side up.

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