Fairfax Corps

  • Fairfax Corps

    Corps Officers

    Majors Earl & Janice Fitzgerald

    Assistant Corps Officers

    Lt. Jimmy & Sarah Steele

    Address & Telephone

    The Salvation Army Fairfax
    4915 Ox Road
    Fairfax, VA 22030
    (703) 385-8700

    Advisory Council

    Barry Bateman – Chairman
    Keith Segerson – Treasurer
    Gary Brown -Secretary
    Karol Anderson
    Abe Ghassemi
    Barry Goodman
    William Howlett
    Claude ‘Mick’ Kicklighter
    Roger McClure
    David Melugin
    Jennifer Mendez
    Pam Montano
    Arthur Reynolds, Jr.
    William Schmidt
    Robert Sisson
    G.T. Ward
    Jean White

    Life Members
    Charles Moore, Jr.
    James Swinson


    Over 1 million people call Fairfax County home. The median income is over $100,000 but deep pockets of poverty mean great need. Last year, the Fairfax Corps served over 12,000 people, the second largest in the National Capital region. Thousands came for food, clothing and heating bills during the harsh winter, and for back-to-school supplies and Angel tree gifts as the holidays rolled around. And when it all got too much, staff were on hand with a listening ear and a heartfelt prayer. Living in poverty is a constant battle. But in Fairfax County, struggling families know they have the Army on their side.

    Twice a week, throughout the school year, 50 children are picked up from school and brought to the Fairfax Corps for this free program. While mom and dad work to make ends meet, the kids get ahead on their homework in the newly upgraded computer lab. The lab has ten new computers, a new library space and an all-purpose area thanks to a $25,000 Target School Library Makeover last year. Every week, budding musicians are also given free instruction from professionals who volunteer their time to the Gospel Arts Program to teach the children piano, brass instruments, singing and drama lessons.

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