Camp Happyland

  • Camp Happyland

    Every summer, The Salvation Army brings inner-city children and small groups of seniors out from the metro area for a refreshing time in the country, at the simply but aptly named Camp Happyland—more than 200 in 2010.

    For more than 40 years, the sprawling camp in Northern Virginia has offered young and old an introduction to outdoor activities, a break from the rush of the city, and a release from cares.
    Each week from June to August is packed with swimming, hiking, canoeing, outdoor skills, training, and a host of activities that evolve over the years but always let children simply be kids, free of care for a while.

    The friendships and memories from those weeks last a lifetime—in fact, many parents who attend the camps through the Army when they were young continue the tradition by registering their own kids for a week of happiness.

    For many children, Camp is the first time they have been outside of the city or experienced a night sky full of stars. Through countless testimonies Camp has proven to be a pivotal experience for youth who desire something greater for their lives as they face the challenges and struggles of their home life.

    Music & Arts Conservatory

    Camp Happyland is also a place were the arts flourish and youth receive advanced instruction during a four week Music and Arts Conservatory. In addition to enjoying all the fun camp has to offer, students in the Conservatory receive personalized instruction in the arts from resident teachers. For many children from low-income families, the Conservatory is an incredible opportunity to develop a skill that can prepare the youth for university admissions and scholarship opportunities.


    Camp Happyland is an American Camping Association accredited facility located in Richardsville, Virginia on 215 acres of rolling hills including woods, a lake, practice field, trails, cabins and a spiritual center.

    Camp Location

    Camp Happy Land
    21457 Happyland Drive
    Richardsville, VA 22736
    (540) 399-1197

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