Working, Hungry, and sometimes Homeless

For 10 years, Beverly worked in the childcare field. She loves her job, especially the children. However, it does not pay well. So over the years, Beverly learned to stretch her funds as much as possible to make ends meet. There were times when it all fell apart and nearly everything was lost.

Beverly was homeless on and off over the years, though the people she worked with did not know.

During her tough times, Beverly knew she could count on The Salvation Army for a meal. It kept her from going hungry. She visited the Grate Patrol where she was welcomed with open arms to receive a free evening meal.

Beverly, like many others, depend on the service. Though, everyone is not homeless, the Grate Patrol is open to everyone in need of something to eat.

Grate Patrol brings freshly prepared, nutritious food every night of the year. More than that, the volunteers and staff bring fellowship to those in need throughout downtown DC. The program’s full-time Outreach Coordinator meets with clients to provide case management and referrals.

About 150 people visit Grate Patrol on any given night.

Recently, when Beverly enrolled into a child development program at a local community college, the Outreach Coordinator helped with school supplies, clothes, and transportation. Beverly continues to receive guidance and referrals to help her to meet her goals.

Beverly is counting her blessings today, thanks to your support. She can finally look toward a more secure future.